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Texting Paralegal Loses Prosecutor His Job


Being a paralegal has its challenges, but one of them should not be to receive intimate texts and images from those the paralegal deals with. However a Missouri prosecutor has resigned following evidence that he forwarded the same to a 26 year old paralegal. John Quarenghi, 48, was an assistant prosecutor in St Louis County’s […]

Paralegal Qualifications Permit Wide Opportunites – Like In Africa


Paralegals have long been a ‘staple’ of law office work in the United States, but it is easy to forget or overlook their role in other jurisidctions. Indeed one of the key attributes for paralegal qualifications is that it is a qualification that can permit travel to interesting countries where paralegal work is on offer. […]

Lawyer Over-Population Will Help The Paralegals

An interesting observation on the future for lawyers was outlined in a recent column from Canadian columnist Gary Mason writing in the Globe and Mail. Writing about his son’s future as a lawyer, he noted that the public have become tired of being gouged for fees by the legal profession and are increasingly turning to […]

Ohio Paralegal Certification

As with many state paralegal certication programs, the Ohio State Bar Association credential program provides a major ‘leg up’ for aspiring paralegals seeking Ohio paralegal certification. The credentialing program run by the OSBA involves various criteria for eligbility, which are not particularly onerous as well as the passing of a written examination. Guidelines for the […]

ABA Paralegal Programs

Finding out about ABA Paralegal programs requires a little research but it will pay substantial dividends for the paralegal seeking a good career in a tough market. We’re going to  look at two, key areas for many paralegals looking for good ABA approved programs in the next posts, – one geographic and one non-geographic, namely […]

Paralegals Doing Things – Law Group Expands

Paralegals who Are Doing things – This week we take a look at a law group that is expanding its activities, which involves in part the development of a real estate practice using the skills of paralegal certified Linda Tonks, now based in the firm’s Florida office. Linda is described in the firm press release […]

Getting a New York University Paralegal Certificate

New York University Paralegal Certificate The New York University paralegal certificate program has been operating its diploma in paralegal studies since 1972. Taught by legal professionals and attorneys, the NYC paralegal program is well regarded but has also come with some criticism that affects several ‘high profile’ education institutions that offer paralegal and similar programs.  […]

Which Kind Of Forms Are Created For Citizenship Application?

In case you are one of those people who are thinking of living in the United States in the next coming years, it is a must that you know the immigration forms nature. The kind of form that you need to secure will depend from the kind of immigration application that you have. It is […]

What is State Records

States Record Firm was a Chicago-based record label. A subsidiary of United Records, it had been in business from May 1952 – December 1957. States dedicated to rhythm and blues, jazz, and gospel. States was operated by Leonard Allen and Lew Simpkins until Simpkins’ death in April 1953; afterwards, Allen was solely responsible for the […]

Get Prepared For A Person’s Legal Break up

Atlanta is one of the important cities of United States and it has hosted the Olympics. There are many aspects that should be reviewed and without doubt, the divorce lawyers out here are very competent at solving any kind of cases. Various cases should be reviewed such as custody, supporting your children, possession together with […]

Learning How To Find A Trusted Bail Bond Company

Bail bonds are also known as Surety Bonds. The major function of a bail bond is to assure that the defendant accused of a criminal offense, will appear in court. If this takes place to you or someone you know, it is essential that you recognize exactly how the bail bond procedure works. There are […]

Things To Look For When Searching For A Phlebotomy Training Class?

You possibly can become a phlebotomist in a number of ways. There are a handful of courses that you can pick. After your phlebotomy training, you can then be employed in many places. Mostly in hospitals, labs and physician’s workplaces. You will have to be properly trained and competent for you to get employment. It’s […]

Fall Case With Personal Injury Lawyer

A lot of the lawsuits come from damages over someone other person’s property; as an example, somebody and falls and slips. Whether the property owner is liable would depend on who’s injured. A personal injury lawyer might be called if a victim decides to settle personal injury claims from individuals who are injured because of […]

The Rising Need For Sonography Specialists Causes The Wages To Rise

According to the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics development in the niche of ultrasound is very fast paced, with the post of ultrasound technician envisioned having developed by up to 18% by 2018. This particular amount is not quite unusual looking at how there is a considerable demand in the medical market for a […]

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